Fashion Drinks

Sprite drink

Recently in the European championship is picking up, the office of an eyebrow in the United States recently run supermarket ran very frequently, heard that is prepared to watch for home fan snacks, se…

Marinated Sauce

Happy marinated egg

Brine material collection: practice: 1. All the spices (anise wait (aniseed) 3 pieces, 1 TSP cumin (5 ml), 1 TSP pepper (5 ml) 1 piece, licorice 3 pieces, cinnamon, amomum 1, meat kou 1, 1 dried tange…

Home Cooking

Garlic moss fry meat

. Will lean meat cut into wire 2. Add rice wine, 3. Add a few drops water transfer into soy sauce 4. Transfer into soy sauce, stir in one direction, make pork imbibe 5. Add raw powder, 6. Mix well wit…

Home Cooking

Ants on the tree

. The fans for three or four hours in advance and heart through 2. At the end of the pork, cut into 3. Add rice wine well and put 3 teaspoon of peanut oil dip fleshy foam live 4. PI county douban, fin…

Sauce Dip

Homemade no MSG

Always see friends homemade MSG, I didn't also endure did some try effect, make soup with the feel good, after a long time without monosodium glutamate chicken essence, feelings are not adapted to the…

Cold Dishes

Pot stewed chicken eggs

. Put the egg cooked, boiled egg is very convenient, not only can easily master the maturity of eggs, also can boil the egg yolk eggs in the center of the positive (water boiled with pot boil, put the…

Home Cooking

The family secret spiced beef

Meat is the highest protein content in animal meat, high protein, low fat, nutrition after fish and shrimp and other seafood. Homely besides, Fried, stew seditious, stuffing, etc., often eat a kind of…

Home Cooking

Roasted quail eggs

Small thulium said in front of the programmer is also a love to eat eggs a risk-averse, but with thulium age and occupation, I was trying to control his daily cholesterol intake. Two days before buy v…

Dried Fruit Production

Peanut sticky

Peanut, use small fire making after pot of peanuts or rung off fire 2. Cold water and sugar pot at the same time, the small fire boil 3. Stay pot bubble is dense, spatula to hang syrup, into the cooke…

The Microwave Oven

Egg pudding

. Less first on the mold with a bit of butter, so to facilitate the pudding done demoulding, of course, you can also apply peanut oil, olive oil, corn oil, but I always think I can also ah ~ if you do…